Pet grooming, doggy day care and pet supplies.


Day Care

JPP offers day care for small to medium dogs where a maximum of 4 pets per day will be available. Day care includes plenty of play with other pets and a  walk to the nearby park on Keilor Park Drv.  They are given freedom to explore and play using a 11m tracking lead whilst ensuring their safety.

 day care play


I first began grooming in 2011. Firstly with pets that had had bad experiences and were fearful of grooming.  I then began grooming many different breeds and temperaments. My priority has always been to make grooming an enjoyable experience for each pet.  Grooming appointments are made individually so no pet will be put in a cage awaiting to be groomed. Personalised individual care will be given every time.

I endeavour to make JPP a friendly welcoming place for pets and owners.

I invite you to come and say hello and have a look at the facility